Sunday, December 30, 2012

What comes next

Since I've got my mission call my life , life has got even busier than it usually was. I've waited for this moment my whole life and I am so excited that it's finally happening. I can honestly say I'm deff nervous and lil over whelmed. I am Going straight to the mtc in Guatemala and basically being emerged in Spanish . It'll be good but ya I am nervous! I feel like I have so much to do in so little time. I will be sending my visa stuff tomorrow so hopefully that all goes well. I have been studying for about an hour  or so a day. Usually 30 min in my mission prep manual and preach my gospel and 30min reading the Book of Mormon . Even though I'm doin this, I still feel over whelmed I mean it's probably normal but ay I'm still nervous !

Now there is something that I haven't mentioned till now because I tried not to think about it till it came up. 5 years ago I was diagnosed with hydronephrosis or what they call a UPJ blockage. What it is basically is a mild blockage in my kidney . I have been to doctors appointments every year to check to see if it has worsened. This past year's exam showed that it had indeed gotten worse and I was advised to have surgery. Since I have been home I have consulted with my specialist to see what to do about the surgery. I am going to undergo some tests to see of the surgery can wait till after my mission. Tomorrow morning I am going in for one of my final tests to see of I do need surgery or if It can wait till after my mission. I am praying and hoping that it can wait. Additional prayers would be appreciated ! :) I love you all and will keep you updated on what will happen next

p.s -Thanks to everyone for the Love and Support that has been given! It really does mean alot.

"It isn’t as bad as you sometimes think it is. It all works out. Don’t worry. I say that to myself every morning. It will all work out. If you do your best, it will all work out. Put your trust in God, and move forward with faith and confidence in the future. The Lord will not forsake us. He will not forsake us. … If we will put our trust in Him, if we will pray to Him, if we will live worthy of His blessings, He will hear our prayers." - Gordon B. Hinckley

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Ya know, everything has come down to this moment.  In a way i wasnt prepared at all but at the same time i was. My call came in on friday Dec 14th. All week i had been waiting for it. My bishop had gotten a call saying that it was sent out and that it could come anyday. I've been dreaming of this moment ever since i was a little girl. I would text my dad every morning asking to get the mail & to see if my call was there but he would always say " no sorry my hija" I was for sure on thursday it would come, but it didnt. i was a little upset cause i wanted to be with my friends along with my family when i opened it. I knew that i couldn't open it friday cause all of my family back in New Hampshire was working. So what ended up happening was that i had to wait till Saturday and i opened it right when i got home from College.
 As i flew on the plane all that was going through my mind was "where am i going" Temple square and boise idaho kept crossing my mind and then it it was Belgium or Poland or somewhere in South america. Then i thought maybe central america but i was like nawwww they wouldnt send me there! My best friend is over there!
When i got home i ran and set everything up. I uploaded the livestream and called people on skype and on the cellphones we had. I think i had about 55 people on live stream, 4 on phones, 2 on skype, and i forget how many people were there , it was mostly my cousins and my mom and dad!
When i was opening my call i was shaking so bad! so many things were going through my mind! I legit thought i was gonna pass out! I couldnt believe I got called to the GUATEMALA, GUATEMALA CITY NORTH MISSION! I report to the Guatemala MTC on March 6th! i didnt even know they had an MTC in Guatemala! It is so crazy i cant believe i am going there! Funny thing is that my best friend Jose is basically in the mission right next to mine!  He's a lil south of where i'll be serving but still he's right next to me! I'll be speaking spanish , so i better start learning! Alot is going on at the moment! i gotta get my visa stuff goin and i have to put in my acceptance letter! On top of that i'm going back to work, still unpacking, gotta buy stuff for my mission, and some other things that i will update once i get more info on it. I just wanted to update this and Tell everyone how grateful I am that i get to share this experience with you! I'm thankful for everyone who watched on live stream it really meant alot! i'll try to get a video uploaded so everyone who didnt get to watch it can see! i'll try to update soon once everything calms down a lil bit! but i have 78 DAYS till I enter the MTC! I CANT WAITT :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012


So as my previous post said, my papers are officially in! I seriously can not believe that this is finally happening! I have waited all my life for this moment and it's actually here!  :)

Today, probably hit me the hardest with the realization that my mission call could come any day now. On Thursdays is usually when mission calls are decided *( or so i've been told) In a week it should arrive at my Home address back in New Hampshire. I'm grateful for all support you guys have given me and for the Love that i've felt throughout this whole process!!.
Lets back up to yesterday, and let me tell you about an expirence that i had. I go to a Missionary Preparation class on wednesday nights. I have the privaledge to be taught by newly returned mission presidents, who are so amazing btw! I always go to class eager to learn and that class i was quite humbled. It seemed that every question that I answered was either "wrong" or "not quite right". But then it hit me that i was the only one really participating. it also hit me that i was going to have to do this on the mission. I have to put myself out of my confort zone to Give the message of the Gospel. I've never been shy about saying i was a Mormon or that what we believe.On the mission i will be put in situations that i am not use to. I will look dumb and confused at times. I'm deff certain of that. I know the Church is true and thats all that matters though . I am trying to bring what i belive to be the Truth that Christ offers , and also the Peace, joy, and blessings it brings. I am not trying to shove any religion in anyones face. I am and never was about that. I will be real with people and i know that Where ever i am called, thats where i'll be needed. It's my personality and the way that i am that will lead me to the success that will come if i put the effort in.
Tonight was amazing as well. Some of the best roommates i've had here at college got their mission calls tonight! I got to their place early to catch up and to share their excitment with them. I got to hold both of their mission calls as they were setting everything up. As i was holding them i was like " oh gosh mine is coming next week!" it was hard to contain my excitment but i was excited for them more than anything. Kasie got her mission call to the Reno, Nevada mission English speaking. April got called to the Toronto, Canada mission English Speaking.  I am so proud of them and their example that they set. Some of my Other good friends got their mission call as well! My friend Megan is going to Provo,Utah mission Spanish Speaking, and Stefano is going to the Belgium Netherlands mission Spanish speaking!  The people they serve are deff getting some of the best missionaries ever!

This waiting is taking a toll on me but it's so worth it! At the moment it looks more like i will be opening my call at my house. For those of you who would like to attend please just let me know I would love for all of you to be there! If you cannot make it and would like to be on a conference call or skype let me know too! :)  I get home next Saturday the 15th and most likey i will be opening it the second I walk inside my house! Cant wait till next week! :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's Guessing Time!

So guys im wikid excited! Today was my last interview with the stake president! my papers are officially sent it!

For those who aren't firmiliar with the mission application process first you get permission to start your online application from your bishop. Then once your online application is done, you have a interview with the bishop. Then he sends your application to a higher group of leaders( the stake president) then you have an interview with them. After that interview he sends all my info and application to the head of our church. From there they council an assign me to a mission, and then i get a letter in the mail telling me, where i'm assigned to and what date to report to the Training Center! I will get my call in about 2 weeks or less!

so now its guessing time! everyone gets one stateside & one foreign guess! you can go ahead and comment below!  :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Season of Giving.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Its definitely been an interesting one! I made my first turkey and i think I earned my cooking Merit Badge to be a house wife haha. As i look at the long postings on facebook about the Holiday, i reflect on what i'm grateful for. I'm grateful for alot of things to think of it.I am grateful for parents who have taught me right from wrong and to always believe i was meant for great things. I am grateful for my family, and friends,for the short comings i have and for the hard times that i've been through. My family is crazy sometimes but the best family that i could ever ask for & more. And this includes my work family at LGH :)  I'm grateful for the friends that i have even though sometimes i dont spend as much time with them as i would like too.This past year has been a rollercoaster i guess you could say. i reflect on where i was a year ago. I was getting out of a relationship, going into a new one. I was thinkin about my mission and how far away it was. I was changing my major and what i was studying. Ya know so many things happened that i thought wouldn't happen. The Lord has blessed me more then i deserve and my heart is always full whenever i reflect on the tender mercies He has shown me. 
This Thanksgiving it was just my Oldest brother and I. We both pitched in to try to make Thanksgiving work. He bought the turkey & basically i cooked everything. I stayed up all night & tried to make everything perfect . (btw the turkey was a success) I was really proud the way things turned out! the turkey was perfect, we had all the essentials. pie & dessert as well. As we sat down to give thanks, again, it was just the two of us. It was humbling in a way. I missed my family and i was a lil sad that i couldn't spend time with huge company, but ya know what i was given the opportunity to get to know my brother more. My eldest brother and I have always gotten along but not as close as Jared and I. Jared and i are like bestfriend and my two older brothers are bestfriends so thats just how it was. Out at college, Josh is the only brother out here with me. I love my Brother and i am grateful for the love and support he shows me everyday. But today was different. 
 I want this Blog to be the real Journey of my Mission. The good, bad, happy, and sad. In the words of President Monson I can also say "My dear brothers and sisters, I am humbled as I stand before you this morning. I ask for your faith and prayers in my behalf as I speak about those things which have been on my mind and which I have felt impressed to share with you." . Although, I am not standing at the moment and I am not speaking , but lets substitute [write]. 

Going on a mission is hard. This is the hardest thing that i've done and will do so far in my life.I knew that from the moment I made my decision but I didn't realize how hard it would be. There are a roller coaster of emotions that come with this process, well at least for me. I'm anxious, nervous, excited , heartbroken, exhausted , happy, over filled with joy, ect . It's kinda draining but I know it hasn't even started ! . Everyone talks about how great it is during the mission and what to expect after but i rarely hear of what happens before. Sometimes i think it's harder to go for girls to go just because we are not obligated to go.  Since the announcement was made. My life has legit been turned upside down. I had planned to go when i was 21. I had planned my life basically till then. Now plans have to be canceled, education put on hold,  and other things have been moved up on my to do list. I want to go and have always had the desire to go. I talked to my brother what was happening and it was funny to see how he could relate to what i was going through. I have ran into alot of opinions while this has gone on and one still baffles me a little. I explained that I have no idea why alot of return guy missionaries have a bad opinion of sister missionaries. Maybe they just had some syco missionaries that made their judgement, or maybe they got dear johned on the mission i dk. It is frustrating to know that just becuase they've seen weird sister misssionaries, doesnt mean ill come back one? It hurts and is heart breaking to know that i am being catigorized and jugdged as such. My brother Josh talked about he sacrifices he made and how he is kinda dealing with similar emotions in his life. It was good to lean on each other for support and i am grateful that i have a brother who not only is willing to be there when i need him but  also i'm grateful for his support no matter what happens. 

For those of you who have been reading this blog, i am grateful for your support as well. The Lord has been my Rock and even when things change and life is hard, He has always been there. He's always been the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. For me Nothing has changed in that aspect. Today we reflect on what we are grateful for. Over everything else, I am grateful for Him. Everything i have is because of My Savior.  I'm not that great. I have my flaws. He loves me enough to give me more than i deserve He has blessed me with all of you. I am grateful for that :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Little Brother

So Jared went on a mission yesterday. For those of you who dont know, ( i mean it's kinda hard not to know) Jared is myounger brother/ best friend/ my otherhalf. 
We have grown up doing everything together. We hung out with the same people, had the same friends, like the same stuff, went on road trips together, went to college together, and most of all drove our parents crazy. Growing up i guess you could say that was our goal most of the time. My mom would come home from school and Jared and I would be causing chaos. But thats just how it is. Jared is about 13 months younger than me so we did everything together because we had to and we wanted to. We were 2 out of the 3 mormons at my school. We learned to rely on eachother for anything. Honestly Jared is way better than i could ever be. He's been an example and i am grateful to call him my brother. 

So for those of you who are not of my faith, when you get called on a mission you enter a training center. Hence, the name Missionary Training Center (MTC) You stay there for a couple weeks learning the language and studying. Then you are sent to the area where you are assigned. Jared was called the San Jose, California mission, Spanish Speaking. He reported Nov14th at 1:30pm. It was actually a bittersweet experience. Jared is definitely emotional and knowing him so well i could tell what he was thinking. He was getting a lil anxious and nervous as we drove by. He asked to stay in the car for 5 more min and so we did. It was cute cause he was trying to collect himself and brace himself for what was going to happen next. As we drove up to the MTC we were greeted by the guard and he told us where to drop Jared off. As we drove past, missionary after missionary stood in a line waiting to help Jared get settled in. They opened his door, and took his luggage. They were extremly nice and asked us where we were from and where Jared was assigned. We said our goodbyes and took pictures. I hugged my bestfriend one last time and watched him walk away. I wont be able to see him for 2 years. But I know it'll go by quickly. He's off Serving the Lord and doing what he's wanted to do for his whole life. I'm glad that this is also something will be doing together. Hopefully we will be getting back around the same time! I love my Brother, he's my bestfriend. I miss him, But we are only apart in distance and i wish him the Best. Good luck Jared, Do work, GIT IT! I know that you're Gonna rock San Jose's world.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Change of Events

The Lord is way too good to me sometimes! I've seen many little miracles happen over the past couple months but as i've been discussing things over with my Parents and leaders and it looks like I will be putting in my papers in earlier than I expected. Hopefully if all goes well, They will be sent in hopefully by mid next week! It's crazy to think that it's coming alot sooner than i though! So part one of my papers is done now time for the interviews! I have my Bishops interview tonight and hopefully by the end of this week i can have my stake president interview!
Besides completing my electronic recommendation, I've been trying to study the crud outta Preach My Gospel. I've been worried about not being prepared enough or not knowing the scriptures that much, that i'd epically fail. I've been worrying about all the little things and just feeling a lil overwhelmed. Ever hear the saying " Have you prayed about it, as much as you talked about it?" Well i was feeling that i prayed about it alot more than i talked about it. I dont like to complain even though i do have my moments. As i take time to reflect, I'd like to share a couple of events where I felt the Lord's hand in my life. I love the Temple. It's definitely a house of learning and my refuge. I woke up one morning and felt that i should go. It was cold and snowing and i was so lazy. But i got my butt out of the apartment and went. I sat there thinking how amazing it was to have the privilege to be so close to a Temple. When i looked at the girl in front of me and it was Katherine Cross. She was a girl back in my home ward and we had drove to institute together. I hugged her and basically had a little reunion. My heart was full and even though she didnt say much, she had calmed my spirit and made me re-realize the love & desire of going on a mission. Another instant, again i was in the temple, and i was reading my scriptures. that week i kinda was thinking about what i was gonna do about my job and everything i had to leave behind. And Have you ever read a scripture and knew it was something you were suppose to read? or deff helped in some weird way? well for me It was reading D&C 31. I read
 "Behold, verily I say unto you, go from them only for a littleatime, and declare my word, and I will prepare a place for them.

 Yea, I will aopen the hearts of the people, and they will receive you. And I will establish a church by your hand;
 And you shall astrengthen them and prepare them against the time when they shall be gathered.
 Be apatient in bafflictionscrevile not against those that revile. Govern your dhouse in meekness, and be esteadfast.
 10 Behold, I say unto you that you shall be a physician unto the church, but not unto the world, for they will not receive you.
 11 Go your way whithersoever I will, and it shall be given you by the aComforter what you shall do and whither you shall go.
 12 aPray always, lest you enter into btemptation and lose yourcreward.
 13 Be afaithful unto the bend, and lo, I am cwith you. These words are not of man nor of men, but of me, even Jesus Christ, your Redeemer, by the dwill of the Father. Amen."

I thought i was taking this way too literal (cause someone once told me, sometimes i take stuff too literally) but then this chapter kept bugging me. so i studied more into it. It was given to Thomas B. Marsh. At the time , He had been called on a mission but he was worried about leaving his family behind and basically what he had to sacrifice. i found it funny that i was worrying about the same thing. Ya know i find comfort in the scriptures. Maybe i am taking it to literally, maybe i'm not. All i know is that i'm serving a mission, it's 18 months. 18 months is not alot of time in the eternal perspective of things. I am Finding confront in that the Lord is intricately involved in our lives and that he knows each one of us. He has a plan for our lives. In the CES devotional last night he said  something along the lines of his life is not at all what he had planned out. But He is happy. he's alot happier than he probably would have been.  This whole experience has been humbling and everyday I thank my Heavenly Father for the tender mercies that he shows me everyday.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This is my Story.

So here we go. Here goes to starting a blog on my journey of serving a mission for my Church. First off, for those who didn't know, I'm a Mormon. I know it, I live it, and most of all I love it with all my heart. For those of you who dont know what a mormon is, or what a mission is,  here is a site that will help  and  . If you still have any questions, please feel free to ask :) 

 My decision to serve a mission has never been easy and still continues to be a struggle. It all started when I was a kid. I've had the wonderful blessing to be born into the church. My parents have always been great examples both in and out of church. Both of my parents also served missions. Growing up my mom always told me stories and introduced me to the idea of serving a mission. I saw the joy it brought to her life and how she grew from that experience. Also every girl in my family has served a mission. All my aunts on my mom and majority on dads side and all of my cousins. I actually have two cousins who are serving missions in Uruguay and St.George Utah. So that leaves me. The girl who is next in line. 
   It never really hit me till i was out of high school. My first year of college was great but everyone I talked to frowned upon a mission and everyone from back home said" you're gunna get married first" But still i had the desire despite what everyone said. It wasn't a automatic answer i got. but it came through a set of trials. The pressure and the reality of this decision set in this past year. As a turned twenty I realized that I only had a year left. I started to get excited while everyone around me wasn't. My family was supportive in a way and always brought up the fact i was next, which was alot of pressure. My boyfriend wasn't too fond of the idea of it, and that was very understandable. 
  Over the summer i made the decision to start my papers. they have been open since end of July/August, but i decided to work on them slowly since i had about a year to submit them. THEN October conference came around.  Backing up, two months before conference facing the reality of this was really hard. My parents thought i was going for the wrong reasons and my boyfriend after telling me he'd wait, changed his mind and both of those situations upset me. Everything seemed so far away and it seemed easier to just stay home and not go.While all that was going on I had the constant reassurance everything was going to be ok. Then conference came around. On October 6th around 10am my life turned upside down . As most of you know President Monson announced the change of the mission age for not only men, but women as well. As he began to say that i just started freaking out.  I called my brother Jared and we just screamed on the phone together. I honestly couldn't believe it. It seemed so unreal and I seriously couldn't concentrate for the rest of the day. So many things went through my mind and i didn't know where to start. All i knew is that every minute that went by that day I was like " I could be on my mission by now" I was SOOO excited. But it always seems that everything that happens in my life likes to happen all at once. My parents just told me to calm down and continue planning to send my papers when i got home . My boyfriend didn't say anything which was understandable. All i wanted was someone to be happy with me. Like i said this decision has never been easy and still continues to test my diligence. I would love to go home right now and just submit my papers. that would be awesome. But for some reason i'm in Idaho. I have the wonderful opportunity to be at school till December. There have been things like this that have come up that I think are unfair but everything happens for a reason and I try to look at the eternal perspective of things. Despite all the crazy things life throws at me...

I am going with the decision that I've prayed for years about. and had the same multiple answer to. I am not going because I'm trying to prove something to anyone. I am going because I want to serve to the Lord. I love the gospel and I want to share it with anyone that I can. I want to bring people unto Christ. I want others to experience the joy and peace the gospel brings to my life. I want to be the best mother and Wife that i can be. I want my children to be proud and follow the example both my husband and I make. I am studying and trying to prepare as the best I can. I know who I am and i know that this is the right thing for me to do. I would love for everyone to understand that my desire to serve is honest and sincere. It has never been easy, but putting the Lord first and accepting whatever he has in store for my life is what I'm going to do. Whether our beliefs are the same or completely different. This work has changed my life and I am grateful for the guidance and truth I receive from it. I know that our Heavenly Father's plan is the great plan of eternal happiness. I know that he knows us and loves us. I know this gospel is true. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and is another testament of Christ. I know that Jesus is the Christ and He is our Savior.  I know many of you are not of my faith and I respect, honor, and am grateful that I get to share this experience with you through this blog