Thursday, November 15, 2012

Little Brother

So Jared went on a mission yesterday. For those of you who dont know, ( i mean it's kinda hard not to know) Jared is myounger brother/ best friend/ my otherhalf. 
We have grown up doing everything together. We hung out with the same people, had the same friends, like the same stuff, went on road trips together, went to college together, and most of all drove our parents crazy. Growing up i guess you could say that was our goal most of the time. My mom would come home from school and Jared and I would be causing chaos. But thats just how it is. Jared is about 13 months younger than me so we did everything together because we had to and we wanted to. We were 2 out of the 3 mormons at my school. We learned to rely on eachother for anything. Honestly Jared is way better than i could ever be. He's been an example and i am grateful to call him my brother. 

So for those of you who are not of my faith, when you get called on a mission you enter a training center. Hence, the name Missionary Training Center (MTC) You stay there for a couple weeks learning the language and studying. Then you are sent to the area where you are assigned. Jared was called the San Jose, California mission, Spanish Speaking. He reported Nov14th at 1:30pm. It was actually a bittersweet experience. Jared is definitely emotional and knowing him so well i could tell what he was thinking. He was getting a lil anxious and nervous as we drove by. He asked to stay in the car for 5 more min and so we did. It was cute cause he was trying to collect himself and brace himself for what was going to happen next. As we drove up to the MTC we were greeted by the guard and he told us where to drop Jared off. As we drove past, missionary after missionary stood in a line waiting to help Jared get settled in. They opened his door, and took his luggage. They were extremly nice and asked us where we were from and where Jared was assigned. We said our goodbyes and took pictures. I hugged my bestfriend one last time and watched him walk away. I wont be able to see him for 2 years. But I know it'll go by quickly. He's off Serving the Lord and doing what he's wanted to do for his whole life. I'm glad that this is also something will be doing together. Hopefully we will be getting back around the same time! I love my Brother, he's my bestfriend. I miss him, But we are only apart in distance and i wish him the Best. Good luck Jared, Do work, GIT IT! I know that you're Gonna rock San Jose's world.

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