Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's Guessing Time!

So guys im wikid excited! Today was my last interview with the stake president! my papers are officially sent it!

For those who aren't firmiliar with the mission application process first you get permission to start your online application from your bishop. Then once your online application is done, you have a interview with the bishop. Then he sends your application to a higher group of leaders( the stake president) then you have an interview with them. After that interview he sends all my info and application to the head of our church. From there they council an assign me to a mission, and then i get a letter in the mail telling me, where i'm assigned to and what date to report to the Training Center! I will get my call in about 2 weeks or less!

so now its guessing time! everyone gets one stateside & one foreign guess! you can go ahead and comment below!  :)


  1. Stateside: Arizona
    Foreign: Brazil
    No inspiration here just throwing a guess out. Haha. I love and miss you!

  2. Alaska...Austria. I am so excited for you.

  3. Stateside: Montana (obviously)
    Foreign: El Savador

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  5. Stateside: Pocatello, Idaho
    Foreign: Canada

  6. Stateside: Arizona
    Foreign: Bolivia or somewhere South America (maybe Peru)