Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Ya know, everything has come down to this moment.  In a way i wasnt prepared at all but at the same time i was. My call came in on friday Dec 14th. All week i had been waiting for it. My bishop had gotten a call saying that it was sent out and that it could come anyday. I've been dreaming of this moment ever since i was a little girl. I would text my dad every morning asking to get the mail & to see if my call was there but he would always say " no sorry my hija" I was for sure on thursday it would come, but it didnt. i was a little upset cause i wanted to be with my friends along with my family when i opened it. I knew that i couldn't open it friday cause all of my family back in New Hampshire was working. So what ended up happening was that i had to wait till Saturday and i opened it right when i got home from College.
 As i flew on the plane all that was going through my mind was "where am i going" Temple square and boise idaho kept crossing my mind and then it it was Belgium or Poland or somewhere in South america. Then i thought maybe central america but i was like nawwww they wouldnt send me there! My best friend is over there!
When i got home i ran and set everything up. I uploaded the livestream and called people on skype and on the cellphones we had. I think i had about 55 people on live stream, 4 on phones, 2 on skype, and i forget how many people were there , it was mostly my cousins and my mom and dad!
When i was opening my call i was shaking so bad! so many things were going through my mind! I legit thought i was gonna pass out! I couldnt believe I got called to the GUATEMALA, GUATEMALA CITY NORTH MISSION! I report to the Guatemala MTC on March 6th! i didnt even know they had an MTC in Guatemala! It is so crazy i cant believe i am going there! Funny thing is that my best friend Jose is basically in the mission right next to mine!  He's a lil south of where i'll be serving but still he's right next to me! I'll be speaking spanish , so i better start learning! Alot is going on at the moment! i gotta get my visa stuff goin and i have to put in my acceptance letter! On top of that i'm going back to work, still unpacking, gotta buy stuff for my mission, and some other things that i will update once i get more info on it. I just wanted to update this and Tell everyone how grateful I am that i get to share this experience with you! I'm thankful for everyone who watched on live stream it really meant alot! i'll try to get a video uploaded so everyone who didnt get to watch it can see! i'll try to update soon once everything calms down a lil bit! but i have 78 DAYS till I enter the MTC! I CANT WAITT :)

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  1. Hey Janina!
    I am a blogger too. I am Alex, the guy that told you about the 2 Guatemalan missionaries that were kidnapped for a couple days on Jossy's FB page. It's good to be informed. I am a world news blogger, running readthestoryoftheworld.blogspot.com. Guatemala has the highest rate of kidnapping in the world, so be careful. I am going to have to follow you. Are you going to set up blogger to update by itself by your email? I don't know if your mission president will let you fiddle with blogger.