Thursday, May 16, 2013

Janinas time at the Missionary Training Center


Hello friends and family! This is Jonathan, Janinas brother. I have a lot of letters to post, and have had little time! Lt me say more updates will be coming our way so stay tuned to the exciting adventures of Hermana Lopez-Carrasco!

April 10th, 2013

hey everyone!
 Let me just start off saying that conference was great!
i learned so much & i seriously got something out of every talk! we got
to listen to conference in english! it was great! also did you guys
see that thing about the guatemala mtc after one of the sessions of
conference? ya thats where im at! hahah but conference was amazing i
learned alot about obedience and learned alot about how i should raise
my family & a couple other things!  btw i miss all of you!  i just
thought about how everyone was either at conference or we were
watching it at the same time!  but anyways this week has flown by!
this is my last emial from the CCM! next week i get out to the campo! (The Field)
my mission prez is gonna pick me up and then well head over to their
house!  so if you are sending and packages please send them there and
also have religous stickers on them or else they will go through it
and rip it open just an FYI!   so we got new latins this week and the
coolest thing  happened! remember that viedo i made and i put it on
facebook and youtube? well a bunch of the latins recognized me & said
they saw my video! cool huh? i don't know how viral that went but all the
girls and guys from panama saw it! crazy but its awesome! got new
latin roomates and they are seriously so much fun! oh & my comp and i
are having the time of our lives here! we are like just studying and
laughing all the time!  its gonna be bitter sweet to leave this place!
ive grown to love the ccm & its so sad my district is gonna be split
up! the guys are like my brothers and the girls are like the sisters i
never had!  seriously i will miss them! other then that, ive been
studying my spanish is getting better but still a struggle!  i guess
there has been a problem with flirting in the other districts cause
they gave us that lock ur heart talk by President Kimball haha i was like uhhh
ive so read this before the mish! crazy!  anyways i gotta go i miss
and love you all!  cant wait to hear from you guys and let me know if
you got any of my letters!? this week i got some from mom,dad,laman,
and pattie!  but anyways love you guys!


Hermana Lopez-Carrasco

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  1. Its was so much fun and I have learn a lot.

    Thanks for posting this.

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